+52 1 (462) 621-7608

    +52 1 (462) 621-7608

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item America

How did a small German startup become a global force in modular aluminum components?
Simple. A relentless pursuit of engineering excellence and an unmatched belief in listening to customers.

Since our humble beginnings in 1976, item has expanded to better serve our customers across Europe and now in the US. In 1996, we put down roots in Akron, Ohio, where we began our successful distribution of item products across America.

Since that day, item America has listened closely to our US clientele.
And we like what we hear: a shared passion for quality, accessibility and speed.

Get item America working for you.

item is a wholly owned subsidiary of the renowned machine-building company in Germany:


item Bajio

Irapuato No. 204 – 07
Esq. con Salamanca,
Col. Ciudad Industrial,
Irapuato, GTO
C.P. 36541

Teléfono : +52 1 (462) 621-7608

Atendiendo Guanajuato, Jalisco, Querétaro, Aguascalientes, San Luis Potosí

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