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Enclosure and Guard Systems

This large guard with sliding doors, swing doors and lifting doors will fit into any hall layout, whether access requirements are for fork-lift trucks, passing materials through a lifting door or carrying out maintenance work through secured doors.

The individual panels in Direct Guard 40x40 E made from Clamp Profile 8 Economy are screwed directly together. Stable Angle Brackets connect the Clamp Profiles and ensure the structure is exceptionally stable.

Like all item solutions, guard E is versatile and fully compliant with the Machinery Directive. It is made of impact-resistant, 4 mm-thick polycarbonate and features Safety Hangers 8/8, meaning that users can fit it securely and easily onto vertical struts made from Clamp Profile 8 40x40 E.

Versatile material lock with lifting door made from impact-proof polycarbonate; suitable for automated operation

Two sliding doors positioned either side of a corner make this walk-in protective enclosure particularly convenient to use

The enclosure and guard systems supplied by item can adapt to suit all requirements. 

Reliable sliding door up to six metres wide on smooth-running rollers

Closed grooves help to produce attractive and easy-to-clean enclosures

Protective hood with access at front

All-round protection for working areas with easy access


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